Jun 12, 2019

Marketing Manager

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Job Description

Singapore The Sales Manager, Inforcomm, works with the business owners and clients to understand client needs, gather market requirements and feedback. He/She identifies gaps and translates them into clear compelling business cases. He/She works closely with the different stakeholders such as marketing, software development and finance to execute the development of the product(s). He/She provides specific industry or product expertise and mentorship to communicate the value proposition. He/She facilitates the marketing activities and closing of deals. He/She participates in product reviews, product lifecycle management, roadmap and pricing meetings. He/She defines the evolving product capabilities and is responsible for product strategy and roadmap. He/She communicates product roadmap to relevant stakeholders. ~ Analyse and determine the scalability, accessibility and security of database. ~ Analyse and verify the technical detailed design of the business solution. ~ Analyse the software requirements and high-level design of the application. ~ Code program using selected programming language and according to organisational standards. ~ Communicate the detailed design to the development team. ~ Define the constraints and development procedures to develop for the application. ~ Design queries and retrieval functions to manipulate information to and from the database. ~ Determine the resources necessary to carry out the change development, taking into account time and cost constraints. ~ Develop a detailed design documentation based on the information collected. ~ Develop a plan for modifications of the system. ~ Develop technical documentation and user manual according to the organisational standards. ~ Obtain sign-off with the relevant stakeholders. ~ Perform mapping of software system data requirements to the relational database. ~ Perform unit testing of each unit of the codes. ~ Prepare a report to the stakeholders indicating the results of modification. ~ Review and debug the program. ~ Test and iterate the user interface design and build till the requirements are met. ~ Update the changes’ status according.

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